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Rod, USA  |  Rating:      
I had previously purchased followers from a top ranked site on google, and I received fake Brazilian profiles that started unfollowing within a week. Followfans delivers profiles from USA (or at least all look English). Let me adjust my like ratio so I could get 50% of followers giving likes. Likes were USA too and made account look natural.
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Henry, USA  |  Rating:      
Great customer service. Eric from Followfans was so prompt at answering questions. I made a purchase and was very happy with the quality and interactivity.
Posted 4 days ago

Madison, USA  |  Rating:      
Eric asked me to leave an (honest) review of how I thought the process went. I was blown away with how the followers interact with content. They are on the slow side during delivery; meaning that usually you will have to wait a few hours before you see them appear on your account. Worth the wait and it adds at a more natural rate. They let me adjust how many likes got on pictures which was very nice.
Posted 1 week ago
Verified Review 

Morgan, USA  |  Rating:      
I purchased 3,000 Instagram followers. They added to account at a very natural rate (as I was worried about that). Amazing that they like photos. It looks pretty much real. Impressed.
Posted 1 week ago

Abby, USA  |  Rating:      
I’m not even sure how this magic works, but this is the most realistic looking Instagram followers I have ever seen. They like photos at such a natural rate. So happy!  ^_^
Posted 2 weeks ago

Samir, USA  |  Rating:      
I was very sceptical upon first seeing what this site offered me. However their refund policy was definitely the best thing. Glad I ended up purchasing because they actually do like your photos, and look very legit.
Posted 3 weeks ago

Madison, USA  |  Rating:      
Great! Eric asked me to leave feedback on my order. Wonderful experience. So good having them liking photos also. Happy to endorse.
Posted 1 month ago
Verified Review 

James, NZ  |  Rating:      
Very good and good quality delivery. I use them regularly.
Posted 1 month ago

Sakura, USA  |  Rating:      
I was asked to leave a review by customer support person at Followfans. I thought this was a very honest and good thing to get their customers to do. Very happy with my purchase. Order was carried out within a few hours after purchase (not immediate), but was happy with the wait because the quality was superior. The followers actually look like real people, and don’t have ridiculous usernames. The main benefit is that they like your photos. Customer support followed up and asked if I had problems and sometimes even replied within 1-2 minutes.
Posted 2 months ago

Arabella, USA  |  Rating:      
Very happy with the quality and service. Attentive and friendly.
Posted 2 months ago

Vlad, USA  |  Rating:      
Eric was very helpful with my order and clarified the details. Liking worked immediately after delivery so happy about that! 🙂
Posted 2 months ago

Kenny, USA  |  Rating:      
Pretty good. I bought the 5k and the 10k packages.
Posted 3 months ago

D. M., USA  |  Rating:      
Great – they actually encourage their customers to leave honest reviews also, which I think is really good. Very happy.
Posted 4 months ago

Imani, USA  |  Rating:      
Happy with my order and that they like pictures! Only difficulty I had was that they delivered in about 4 hours, which made me stress but it was all fine in the end! 🙂
Posted 5 months ago

Brendon, NZ  |  Rating:      
Perfect delivery, came in 2 hours.
Posted 6 months ago

Ramos, USA  |  Rating:      
Really fantastic if you want to buy real Instagram followers that like your photos. They even talked to me directly at my Skype account. Very happy 🙂
Posted 6 months ago

Frankie, USA  |  Rating:      
Wow, I have to say I was very hesitant to purchase any amount of followers from this site and many others due to the possibility of being scammed. But this morning I woke up to 1000 new followers and I could not be any more surprised, pleased, ecstatic, and satisfied. This website is 100% legit and they delievered on time just as they said they would, five stars!
Posted 7 months ago

Chris, Hawaii  |  Rating:      
Very good. Dean was very helpful with my order and made sure it was all completed. Order was delivered in 3 hours. Cannot speak more highly of them.
Posted 7 months ago

Drew, AUS  |  Rating:      
Followfans is legit!! I have to leave good review. Thanks so much to them.
Posted 9 months ago

Fana, Mexico  |  Rating:      
Instagram followers were good. Let me choose custom country followers to follow my Insta account. Happy New Year!
Posted 10 months ago

JaquiTraveler, USA  |  Rating:      
Good site 🙂 Dean was very helpful with my order.
Posted 1 year ago

Olivia Franklin, NZ  |  Rating:      
Very happy with order. I wanted to buy real Instagram followers that like your photos. I decided to change my mind on the count and they were able to remove some! Wasn’t working at start but I didn’t realise account had to be set public until delivered.
Posted 1 year ago

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