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Buzzoid has received a D- rating in our assessment. Testing includes culmination of user reviews, trial purchases, delivery time and quality of customer service. Our Buzzoid review suggests buyers proceed with caution.

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Customer Reviews

Noah, USA  |  Jun 26, 2016  |  Rating:      
Surprised there are not more reviews on here! Their service is terrible and they delivered about 10% of the followers, until my account got banned. They claim they had nothing to do with it being banned but I think it is because all of their accounts are so damn fake. I made a new account and bought from a top rated site on here (can’t remember the name?) and they were fantastic.

Pippa, USA  |  Jun 15, 2016  |  Rating:      
I feel sick after purchasing from them! They were so nice prior to purchase, however ignore all of my subsequent emails. Here’s my Buzzoid review: Its a scam! No other way to put it. Very very disappointed. Didn’t get any of my Instagram followers delivered.

Eli, Australia  |  Mar 15, 2016  |  Rating:      
Buzzoid do not deliver. Scam.

Christian, USA  |  Jan 29, 2016  |  Rating:      
I would’ve liked to leave a pleasant buzzoid review as their website made me think it was legit, however after delivery – I changed my mind. All the followers and likes dropped off after a week.

Juan, Mexico  |  Jan 17, 2016  |  Rating:      
I did receive some Instagram followers, but the rest were not delivered. I emailed them to clarify that my order was incomplete, however it did not seem to make a difference. I had to launch a PayPal dispute and PayPal sided with them.

Gareth, UK  |  Dec 27, 2015  |  Rating: review – not a good idea. Buzzoid have already received many bad reviews on the likes of, however I thought I would take the chance and see if it worked. They didn’t deliver a single quantity, and then claimed it was my fault for “entering my username wrong” (I did no such thing). I sent them my username again, and never heard from them again. Its infuriating to think about.

Teresa, Mexico  |  Dec 22, 2015  |  Rating:      
Didn’t deliver my followers.

Polly, USA  |  November 14, 2015  |  Rating:      
Delivered followers but all had dropped after a day? Furthermore, they ignored all my emails! Do not buy! I hope admin at Buzzoid review see this!!!

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