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Instaboostgram has received a F- rating in our assessment. Testing includes culmination of user reviews, trial purchases, delivery time and quality of customer service. Our Instaboostgram review suggests buyers proceed with caution.

Poor Ranking! holds no Certificate of Quality (rated F- out of a possible A+)

Customer Reviews

Rachel, USA  |  Rating:      
Really disappointed with my order from instaboostgram turned out. I was mostly disappointed with how poor quality the followers were. They did not deliver the full quantity, and the ones that were delivered just looked so bad with terrible usernames (Brazilian) and no followers.
Posted 2 days ago

Marcus, USA  |  Rating:      
Made the mistake of not reading ALL reviews and doing more research. INSTABOOSTGRAM IS GARBAGE AND FAKE! Never responded to any emails. Took weeks to get followers then in 1 day got all the promised followers, most seemed fake or not legit related to my business. One week later I lost 600+ followers
Posted 1 week ago

Jane, USA  |  Rating:      
Absolute scam and a disgrace. NEVER use instaboostgran! After a few days 25 % of followers already had left, most russian accounts by the way… Never had a reply on email. it doesn’t get any worse than this. AVOID AT ALL TIMES!!!!!!
Posted 1 week ago

Gabe, USA  |  Rating:      
I am genuinely shocked that this website is even legally allowed to operate. NEVER purchase from this website! After a few days nearly all followers had dropped… Never had a reply on email. You’ve been warned.
Posted 2 weeks ago

Danny, USA  |  Rating:      
If I have to review instaboostgram in one word, it would be: scam. The website makes you believe that you are getting a genuine and real deal, unfortunately the opposite. Followers did not deliver at all. They will not refund or respond anymore.
Posted 3 weeks ago

Jem, USA  |  Rating:  
Instaboost didn’t deliver my order. I am frustrated that they dont reply. Had to open dispute and basically they tricked me into cancelling the dispute. Do they not have any morals? How can you run a company like this. Please people do not trust this, I was happy for them to make it up to me but they just kept ignoring my messages. This is such a joke.
Posted 1 month ago

Claudia, USA  |  Rating:  
Delivered followers but dropped after 3 days? Ignoring all my emails!! Do not buy! I hope the owners see this!!! Super embarrassing and destroyed the image of my brand. They should be reported for fraud.
Posted 2 months ago

Isla, NZ  |  Rating:      
Such an amazing website. I am so happy with my purchase – my account just looks SO famous now. Thanks!
Posted 2 months ago

Lana, UK  |  Rating:      
Don’t buy from this website. I fell for it and got scammed. Please read this review before you purchase! I tried to open a dispute and they tricked me into cancelling it by saying it would be delivered. Never came, had to ring my credit card company and do a charge back. Don’t trust it.
Posted 3 months ago

Cameron, AUS  |  Rating:      
Do not spend any money on this awful Instagram follower scam. The followers are all fake chinese accounts, each following around 2000 people. I went and used the top rated site on Followreview and got a very polite man to help me. Not to mention, that site has followers that actually like your photos. By all means, you should stay away from this website.
Posted 4 months ago

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Followers/Likes: In a trial purchase, Instaboostgram delivered poor quality accounts and below the quantity ordered.

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