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InstaBuyAGram has received a D- rating in our assessment. Testing includes culmination of user reviews, trial purchases, delivery time and quality of customer service. Our InstaBuyAGram review suggests buyers proceed with caution.

Poor Ranking!
InstaBuyAGram holds no Certificate of Quality (rated D- out of a possible A+)

Customer Reviews

Matt, USA  |  Rating:      
Terrible company. Got scammed by them. Won’t answer any emails.
Posted 3 days ago

Saku, Japan  |  Rating:      
I thought I was getting a good deal considering they are one of the most popular sites. However, just because they are highly ranked on google does not make them legit! They did not deliver and will not refund me.
Posted 1 week ago

Chris, USA  |  Rating:      
No response and no followers. Instabuyagram – SCAM!
Posted 2 weeks ago

Milo, USA  |  Rating:      
Scam. Not happy! 1/5 stars as they are not delivering my order. I have disputed with my credit card company.
Posted 2 weeks ago

Legani, USA  |  Rating:      
Instabuyagram did deliver my order, but the accounts look terrible and fake. Now they will not remove them.
Posted 1 month ago

Ebony, USA  |  Rating: did delivery some of my followers, about 200 of my 1000 followers… however, the real problem lies in how bad their followers look. When I brought this up with them, they simply stopped replying to my emails. You are better off choosing somewhere else.
Posted 2 months ago

S, USA  |  Rating:      
Scammed me and now wont respond! Who knows what they will do with your details also!! You have been warned.
Posted 2 months ago

Martin, UK  |  Rating:      
I am not happy with the order. They delivered half of the followers for which I paid for, and then ignored all of my emails. Warning: is a scam!
Posted 3 months ago

Alex, AUS  |  Rating:      
Scam – don’t go near their followers.
Posted 3 months ago

Emma, USA  |  Rating:      
The followers were delivered, and then I lost half of them a month later. Lol, not much of a good deal.
Posted 4 months ago

T-M, USA  |  Rating:      
Posted 4 months ago

Matt, UK  |  Rating:      
InstaBuyAGram is a scam, and I will be happy to spread it as far as I can. I contacted them numerous times in regards to a late delivery, however it seems when things do not go their way – they simply ignore you. Once I launched a PayPal dispute however, they got actually quite aggressive. I managed to get my money back. You have been warned.
Posted 6 months ago

Juan, Mexico  |  Rating:      
I purchased followers from them, and within two weeks all of them were gone. I am disappointed and left feeling ripped off! Instagramabuy review – SCAM!!! They have ruined my christmas.
Posted 7 months ago

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Followers/Likes: Test purchase delivered low quality Brazilian profiles.

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