Reviews and Scam Test

WARNING TO CONSUMERS: We received dozens of written complaints about Social Envy in 2016 and 2017. These includes complaints that Social Envy Limited fails to communicate with customers and fails to deliver upon their websites claims. This may indicate that this website is a scam. Some feedback indicates that their ‘reviewers’ are in-fact paid brand ambassadors, providing falsified reviews. Their phone numbers are also bogus, with no customer support representative answering the phones.

Social Envy Limited operates in a haven outside of the United States so customers may experience trouble getting a refund.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are not available to be left on due to potential of legal action.

Site Details

IP Address: Domain appears to be registered in the Cayman Islands but is hidden.
PayPal Protection: SocialEnvy uses PayPal payment gateway. Buyers can dispute any payment.

Social Envy use subscription payments through PayPal, notorious for unexpected charges.

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