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Followfans received an A+ ranking in our assessment. Testing includes culmination of user reviews, trial purchases, delivery time and quality of customer service. Followfans received our top review rating; and has maintained this position since Janurary 2015.

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Melissa, USA  |  Rating:      
I had previously purchased followers from a top ranked site on google, and I received fake Brazilian profiles that started unfollowing within a week. After purchasing from Followfans, I received American followers that look extremely good.
Posted 2 days ago

Reid, USA  |  Rating:      
Great customer service. Eric was so prompt at answering questions. I made a purchase and was very happy with the quality and interactivity.
Posted 1 week ago

Tanya, USA  |  Rating:      
Dean asked me to leave an (honest) review of how I thought the process went. I was blown away with how the followers interact with content. They are on the slow side during delivery; meaning that usually you will have to wait a few hours before you see them appear on your account. However, it is worth the wait when it looks so legit.
Posted 1 week ago

Morgan, USA  |  Rating:      
Awesome. I purchased the 10,000 Instagram followers. They added to account at a very natural rate (as I was worried about that). Amazing that they like photos. It looks pretty much real. Impressed.
Posted 2 weeks ago

Abby, USA  |  Rating:      
I’m not even sure how this magic works, but this is the most realistic looking Instagram followers I have ever seen. They like photos at such a natural rate. So happy!  ^_^
Posted 1 month ago

Samir, USA  |  Rating:      
I was very sceptical upon first seeing what this site offered me. The fact that they are willing to give a refund was what made me feel ok about it! After purchasing I was like ‘yaaas’ because they actually do like your photos, and look very legit.
Posted 1 month ago

Madison, USA  |  Rating:      
Great! Dean asked me to leave feedback on my order. Wonderful experience. So good having them liking photos also. Happy to endorse.
Posted 2 months ago

James, NZ  |  Rating:      
Very good and good quality delivery. I use them regularly.
Posted 2 months ago

Sakura, Japan  |  Rating:      
I was asked to leave a review by a staff person at Followfans. I thought this was a very honest and good thing to get their customers to do! So here goes: I am very pleased! My order was carried out within a few hours after purchase (this seemed like a delay compared to what other sites offered), however the superior quality was very much worth it. The followers actually look like real people, not fake – and don’t have ridiculous usernames. The main benefit is that they *like your photos!*. Top of the line service – thank you.
Posted 3 months ago

M, USA  |  Rating:      
UM, amazing! Literally on point, on fleek – everything.
Posted 3 months ago

Vlad, USA  |  Rating:      
Dean was very helpful with my order, making sure he clarified any details I required. I had doubts about having followers that like your photos, however it did work once delivered! 🙂
Posted 3 months ago

Kenny, USA  |  Rating:      
Pretty good. I bought the 5k and the 10k packages.
Posted 3 months ago

D. M., USA  |  Rating:      
Great – they actually encourage their customers to leave honest reviews also, which I think is really good. Very happy.
Posted 4 months ago

Imani, USA  |  Rating:      
Happy with my order and that they like pictures! Only difficulty I had was that they delivered in about 4 hours, which made me stress but it was all fine in the end! 🙂
Posted 5 months ago

Brendon, NZ  |  Rating:      
Perfect delivery, came in 2 hours.
Posted 6 months ago

Ramos, USA  |  Rating:      
Really fantastic if you want to buy real Instagram followers that like your photos. They even talked to me directly at my Skype account. Very happy 🙂
Posted 6 months ago

Frankie, USA  |  Rating:      
Wow, I have to say I was very hesitant to purchase any amount of followers from this site and many others due to the possibility of being scammed. But this morning I woke up to 1000 new followers and I could not be any more surprised, pleased, ecstatic, and satisfied. This website is 100% legit and they delievered on time just as they said they would, five stars!
Posted 7 months ago

Chris, Hawaii  |  Rating:      
Very good. Dean was very helpful with my order and made sure it was all completed. Order was delivered in 3 hours. Cannot speak more highly of them.
Posted 7 months ago

Drew, AUS  |  Rating:      
Followfans is legit!! I have to leave good review. Thanks so much to them.
Posted 9 months ago

Fana, Mexico  |  Rating:      
Instagram followers were good. Let me choose custom country followers to follow my Insta account. Happy New Year!
Posted 10 months ago

JaquiTraveler, USA  |  Rating:      
Good site 🙂 Dean was very helpful with my order.
Posted 1 year ago

Olivia Franklin, NZ  |  Rating:      
Very happy with order. I wanted to buy real Instagram followers that like your photos. I decided to change my mind on the count and they were able to remove some! Wasn’t working at start but I didn’t realise account had to be set public until delivered.
Posted 1 year ago

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