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Why buy Instagram Followers?

Buying Instagram followers and likes is the secret to Instagram fame!  It’s not really the secret to success, but it’s a start. Millions of people on Instagram have done it; from celebrities to small businesses. It’s not just about the numbers or buying popularity – it’s about the after-effect. When people see something popular, it reinforces its social importance. It’s a reasonably basic concept called social proof and its at the heart of the social media dynamic.

Will I lose followers that I buy?

It’s unlikely with a well ranked and rated company. One of the biggest concerns users have with buying Instagram Followers is the possibility of losing them. Instagram is constantly updating their algorithms in the effort to purge fake profiles. However, there are many loopholes and ways around this. While most companies may have issues on a weekly basis with losing followers (don’t always go for the cheapest!), great companies do a well-run job at managing high-quality, long-term followers. If you hold concerns about losing your followers, aim for companies certified with a certificate of Achievement, Merit or Excellence (A+, A or A- rated).